Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Welcome to Craig Nassi BCN Development Blog

BCN Development creates high-end, mixed-use, luxury properties. Established in 1993 by visionary Craig Nassi, BCN is reinventing skylines by bringing creative and unique designs to everyday life. BCN transforms once ordinary and distressed urban areas into vibrant, pedestrian-friendly communities as evidenced by some of their recent majestic buildings; Belvedere Tower, The Prado, Beauvallon, and Palladio. BCN Development's vision, total client dedication, and high standards have propelled the company into one of the premier developers in the country in the last decade. Such dedication has earned BCN two prestigious Ernst and Young awards for Overall Ground Breaker of the Year in 2001 as well as the Best New Development for Belvedere Tower in 2000. BCN buildings are the future landmarks and community designations for generations to come.

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GolfBoy said...

Amazing what Mr. Nassi has done - Do you have a title compnay htat you always use? How did you get started in the New York Area?